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1. The strong point of Hana's Injector

  • Low noise
  • Hana's injector has an excellent durability, as the varition of flux by endurance is two or three as small as the other's.
  • Hana's injector is three or four times more than competitor's in endurance number.
  • Hana's injector has an excellent resistance to vibration & exothermic reation.
  • Hana's injector canbe appliedto OEM.
    Existing type, as Side Feed Type, can't be directly installedon manipold.

2. A variety of Hana's Injector
    Hana's injectors are divided into H2000, H2100, H2200 & H2300.
    These injectors can be applied to all the vehicles of Gasoline.
   ( Our competitors hold only injector correspondent with H2000. )

3. The production by customer's request.
    The custom-built with customer's need is possible. For instance, flow rate, resistance etc.
  - If you want to know the more detailed information, please visit our  website,












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